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Pinterest Can Add SEO Juice to Your Site

social media channel Pinterest logo

As if Facebook, Flickr and Google+ weren’t enough places to upload your photos, along comes

Relatively new (started in 2010), it’s definitely gaining traction with  more than 7 million people visiting the site in December 2011. And according to Shareaholic’s referral traffic report, Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than G+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

I have to say that I’m finding myself somewhat addicted to the site. Why? The photos people are posting are, for the most part, very cool. They’re not junk. They’re attractive, artistic, intriguing. And I’m always fascinated by how people see images because they put their own captions on them. Search for “beauty” or “beautiful” and  you truly get to see what it means in the eyes of others!

Pinterest is simple and easy to use (once you have an account). Just drag the “Pin It” button to your browser bar and when you see something on a website you want to “pin” to one of your boards (Pinterest for grouping photos you like), you just drag that button from the browser bar to the page where there’s an image you want to pin. Pinterest then opens a window with all the images on that page and lets you confirm which image you want to pin. And it automatically imports the source of the image so you don’t have to worry about copyright attribution.

Easy, peasy. And so much fun!

Implications for Pinterest in Inbound Marketing

So what does this mean for inbound marketers everywhere? It means fabulous, cool images are your currency into Pinterest. If you’re selling shoes, fine art, furniture, clothing—anything tangible, it seems easy to see how you can use Pinterest. However, use caution. This is a community that wants you to share things you love. Its policy strongly discourages self-promotion.

Using Pinterest effectively means getting creative and pinning imagery that shows how what you’re selling adds value to your lifestyle. So do more than just post photos of the new Cole Haans you’ve got for sale. A close up photo showing your feet wearing those new Cole Haans on the sand with the waves lapping at your feet. A caption that says, “almost like going barefoot on the beach”.

Bottom line: To stand out your images will need to tell a lifestyle story. Artistic, quirky, yet recognizable.

For those of us who are marketing intangibles, Pinterest can still work. Again, focus on how your solution makes your business life or personal life better. Post images that tell that story.

And BTW, Pinterest appears to only like .jpg, .png and .gif formats. It threw up all over the .eps and .tiff (mea culpa) I tried to upload.

Happy Pinning!



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